Open Gym

Sweat on the latest cardio and strength equipment including pelotons, treadmills, a custom built rig, SkiErg, dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, ropes, tire, hammers, slam balls, resistance bands + more. It’s your workout, your way, but we are all in this together therefore if you would like refer to the workouts of the week written on the chalk board to help zero in on your goals.

Open Gym Pricing

Open Gym Hours

  • Monday

    5:45am - 7pm

  • Tuesday

    5:45am - 7pm

  • Wednesday

    5:45am - 7pm

  • Thursday

    5:45am - 7pm

  • Friday

    5:45am - 7pm

  • Saturday

    8am - 5pm

  • Sunday

    8am - 3pm