Sweat. Lift. Repeat.

A gym built for people where they can decide whether they want to take classes, join open gym, or do personal training.

Fitness Diversified.

This isn’t just a gym—it’s a support system, a challenge, and above all, it’s a society. Located in the heart of Hertel, [Sweat] Society features a first floor class studio and a second floor full service open gym with a personal training area. Amenities include an air purified space, showers, and cutting edge equipment. Whether you are an open gym user, a class taker or a personal training client, you’ll crave pushing yourself to achieve your goals.

Upcoming Classes

Meet Our Team

1585 Hertel Ave
Buffalo, NY 14216

Open Daily
4:30am - 11pm

In-Person Tours available

Monday-Thursday 8:00-10:00AM & 4:00-6:00PM
Friday 8:00-10:00AM
Saturday 8:00-11:00AM
Sunday 8:00-10:00AM
OR call / text 716.510.7936

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All Levels

Provide a space for everyone. No egos.


Create a community that supports each other.


Live healthy and act healthy. Provide a space with clean purified air and clean equipment.